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Free Shipping on ALL Orders within the USA!

Vape Mood Blaze 510 Thread Battery

Vape Mood Blaze 510 Thread Battery

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Vape Mood Blaze 510 Thread Battery

The Portable 510 Thread Blaze battery from Vape Mood is an excellent unit for on the go vaping!

This discreet and small design is ideal for your prefilled 510 thread cartridges.

Featuring 4 voltage settings for optimal vaping, this battery will work with all types of oil including thicker oils! Variable Voltage The Blaze includes 4 voltage settings so you can fine tune your experience to meet your desired output.

You can cycle through the voltage settings by pressing the button 3 times rapidly.

  • Green: 2.8v
  • Blue: 3.2v
  • Yellow: 3.8v
  • Red: 4.2v

The Blaze also includes a 15 second 2.2v pre-heat function which can be activated with 2 rapid clicks. 510 Thread Compatible The Blaze battery will work with almost all 510 thread cartridges.

The included magnetic rings connect to the cartridge and ensure a strong connection to the battery.

Simply attach the magnetic ring to your cartridge and drop it into the battery!

The Blaze can fit cartridges up to 14mm in diameter.

Small but Powerful The Blaze may be small, but its 500mAh capacity ensures a powerful and long lasting vaping experience.

You can quickly charge the battery with the included Micro USB cable. What’s Included:

  • Vape Mood Blaze Battery
  • 2 Magnetic Ring Adapters
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
This item is the battery only and does not include a cartridge