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Tarik+Rosin T-Rex 2 Fully Automatic Rosin Press

Tarik+Rosin T-Rex 2 Fully Automatic Rosin Press

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Tarik+Rosin T-Rex 2 Fully Automatic Rosin Press

Now you are pressing with power! No more hand pressure needed, you simply adjust the digital settings, pick your best material, and let the T-Rex 2 do the rest.

The first fully automatic rosin press console created for the consumer. Make your solvent less oil with the push of a button.

The tarik rosin t-rex 2 model is an automatic bolt driven rosin press and packs a huge punch for weighing under 3 lbs and delivering over 500 lbs of pressure. It is simple to use, after you set your desired temperature, pressure setting and amount of time you would like it to press.

Add your favorite flower in between the included parchment papers, close the lid and the machine will take care of the rest. Once heated and pressed to desired settings the lid reopens to reveal your favorite oils extracted to perfection.

The unit itself is fairly small in size (8.22835″ L x 5.90551″ W x 2.71654″ H) and price compared to a pneumatic press costing 3 times as much or more. The unit will produce temps of up to 302F which is more than enough to extract rosin with a pressing force of up to 551 pounds.

Other machines that run at higher temps risk burning the rosin if left on for more than a few seconds.

Another benefit of the t rex 2 is a much higher quality, potency and taste with a honey looking appearance, not dark & burnt tasting like the overly hot presses on the market.



What's Included:

  • Gift Box
  • Power Cord
  • T-Rex 2
  • Dab Tool / Transfer Paper