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Dabix Labs 510 Thread Stinger V2 Battery

Dabix Labs 510 Thread Stinger V2 Battery

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Dabix Labs 510 Thread Stinger V2 Battery

Includes FREE bonus gift, Gold colored Dabix Labs Click Battery!


The New Stinger version 2 is here! Blending portability and power, the Stinger 2 is the ideal portable battery for your 510 thread cartridges!

The sleeker design combined with the 450mAh battery means that it fits perfectly in your pocket and can keep you vaping for long periods between charges.

The Variable voltage is perfect for a multitude of different types of concentrate, and the 12mm diameter cartridge port supports even the wider tanks on the market.


Variable Voltage The Stinger 2 Battery has three voltage settings which can be cycled through by clicking the button three times rapidly, the voltage settings are:

  • Low: 2.6v
  • Medium: 3.2v
  • High: 3.7v

Fits all 510 thread Cartridges!

Oil Cartridges can vary in size, and many units are unable to fit the larger, oversized cartridges. The Stinger 2's large  (12mm) Cartridge hole is large enough to fit nearly all oil cartridges on the market!

Simple to use

The Stinger 2 is very easy to use, simply attach the magnetic ring to your cartridge and slide it into the port for a strong connection. The device can be turned on or off with 5 rapid clicks, and a 10 second 2v preheat cycle can be activated with two rapid clicks. Then simply select your preferred voltage setting, hold the button and inhale for excellent vapor production each hit!


Fits every life style

Available in a range of colors, this sleek new design looks great and packs a punch. Find the perfect color to match your personality and get ready for the best vaping experience you've ever had!




  • Newest model, smaller and more powerful than original Stinger
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Available in a number of different color options
  • 12mm cartridge port fits larger cartridges
  • Powerful 450mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 3 Voltage Settings
  • 10 Second, 2v Preheat mode
  • Simple to operate



What's Included:

  • 450mAh Stinger 2 Battery
  • 1x Short magnetic ring adapter
  • 1x Long magnetic ring adapter
  • Micro USB Charging cable
  • User manual